InterClub Colour Group

Recently, HCC was invited to join the InterClub Colour Group (ICC) (West Yorkshire), and to participate in the prestigious ICC competition through which we are able to have a selection of our best digital images judged against those submitted by the other eleven members of the Group. Each year, these clubs hold four rounds of an Interclub Colour (ICC) Competition spanning a period of 3 years.

The ICC Competition is comprised of agreed ‘set subjects’ and’ set themes’ for the four rounds that occur in each year. Each club ‘chooses a set subject for the round of the competition they will host. ICC members are usually informed about the choice of subjects/themes a season in advance so that they can prepare their entries in good time for the competitions.

Each club is restricted to submitting five images per round; two of these must be entered into the chosen ‘set subject / theme’, and the other three images into the general categories.

The selection of images for competition entry is carried out by several members of the HCC who have extensive experience in club competitions and the judging of images.

The images are judged in the same way we have observed in our own club competitions; each image receives individual comment by the judge and is given a mark out of 20. The winner of the round is the club with the highest score, and the club with the highest aggregate score of the season wins the prestigious InterClub Trophy. In addition, there are also several awards made to individual authors.

It is not necessary to have entered an image in the competition for a club member to attend the ICC competition events, and whatever the outcome, club members are certain to enjoy the very high standard of the photographic images (and of course the judging).

DOWNLOAD (pdf file): Details of next season's competitions.

DOWNLOAD (pdf file) Full details of the Competition Rules, and Hosting Arrangements.
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